Rescues At Sea

Vessel CAPE KESTREL (2013)
Date 19/09/08
Location Yellow Sea Bohai Gulf
Summary Rescue of a man overboard


Cape Kestrel
The Cape Kestrel's rescue boat returning
The rescued man preparing to leave

On a voyage from Brazil to Bayuquan and a day before arriving at Bayuquan the Cape Kestrel rescued a man that had fallen overboard.

Just after 12:00 and soon after taking over the 12-4 afternoon watch, the 2nd Officer noticed what he thought was a man in the water about 4 cables away on the port side. He quickly got the binoculars and confirmed there was a man in the water with a lifejacket. The sea was very calm, weather conditions were good but visibility was poor at about half a mile.

He sounded the alram, marked the position using the GPS and let go the man overboard smoke float, then put the Main Engine on stand by.

The Captain was already on the bridge and quickly commenced a Williamson Turn, additonal lookouts were posted to try to keep visual contact with the man in the water, but this was lost after 2 or 3 minutes. The rescue boat crew were mustered and the boat prepared for launching. A Pan Pan man overboard message was sent.

At 12:10 the Cape Kestrel was on manouvering speed and approaching the position, the man in the water was spotted again and at 12:25 while at a distance of about 1 cable the Cape Kestrel launched the rescue boat. Within 5 minutes the Chief Officer reported form the rescue boat that the man had been recovered form the water and that he was in apparant good health and condition.

The rescue boat returned to the Cape Kestrel and by 12:48 the boat was recovered and the casualty taken to the ships hospital for a hot shower, a hot drink and a change of clothes. At 13:00 the Pan Pan message was cancelled and the Cape Kestrel resumed passage to Bayuquan. After further exchanges with Dalian VTS it was agreed to transfer the casualty to a Chinese Coast Guard rescue vessel and a rendezvous position was agreed.

 At 14:55 the Cape Kestrel made the rendezvous with the Coast Guard and the casualty was transfered using the Coast Guard boat's lifeboat.

By 15:15 the Cape Kestrel was able to resume her passage to Bayuquan, The casualty was unable to communicate with our officers and crew and could not describe how he came to be in the water or what vessel he had fallen from, but one thing was very clear. 

He was very grateful that the 2nd Officer was keeping a very good lookout and very grateful for the seamanship, skills and ability of the Master and crew of the Cape Kestrel for rescuing him.

Once again a very good example of excellent professionalism, excellent seamanship and the correct use of well maintained life saving appliances.

Our thanks and appreciation go to Captain Jalba and all his crew, and with a special mention for 2nd Officer Denys Mamoylenko.

The photo below shows (from L to R) Stw K. Nagarvadze, Bosun Karahan, the rescued man, C/O Dan Radu, O/S A. Karastoev and one of the boarding Coast Guard Officers.