Rescues At Sea

Date 05/10/08
Location Off Vigo
Summary Assistance to a damaged Yacht


Damage to the bow of the Yacht
Yacht alongside the APL London

At 0555 hrs local time the Chief Officer of the APL London noted another container ship, that was about 4 miles ahead make a sudden and large alteration of course to starboard and then again to port.  

About 10 minutes later a red distress rocket was fired from a yacht that appeared to be stopped in the water.  The Captain was called and quickly came to the bridge, he put the engines on stand by and started to slow down and manoeuvre towards the yacht. Attempts to make contact with the yacht by VHF failed, but a report was made by VHF to Porto Radio who then passed on the message to MRCC Lisbon.

By 0655 hrs the APL London was stopped in the water and the damaged yacht was made fast alongside. One of the yachts crew members came on board the APL London and confirmed that they had been in a collision with a container ship which damaged the mast and destroyed the VHF antennas, there was also some minor damage to the hull, but the small amount of water ingress was under control.

The officers and crew of the APL London provided assistance and tools to take down and secure the damaged mast and then the Captain of the yacht said he intended to proceed to Vigo under his own power. The Captains intentions were passed on to MRCC Lisbon who instructed the APL London to stand by the yacht until a Portuguese navy patrol ship arrived to escort her to port.

At 1115 local time the APL London was released by MRCC Lisbon to proceed on passage.

Well done to Captain Kratuls and all on board the APL London for their part in this rescue operation.