Rescues At Sea

Vessel NOA
Date 13/02/09
Location Indian Ocean
Summary Rescue of fishermen off the coast of Madagascar


Fishing boat coming alongside
The Distressed fishermen

Whilst on a voyage from Marmagoa to Antwerp (via the Cape of Good Hope) our managed bulk carrier the Noa received a Pan Pan message from MRCC Reunion concerning a local fishing vessel with three persons on board. The fishing vessel had gone missing 10 days previously in a position between Mayotte and Geyser Reef.

Early the next morning the Noa was again contacted by MRCC Reunion ask instructed to proceed to the estimated position of the missing fishing vessel. At 0630 UTC the Noa arrived on scene and commenced an "expanding square" search pattern as described by IAMSAR. The engine was put on stand by and additional lookouts were posted.

With 15 minutes a small fishing vessel was found drifting with 3 persons on board. The Noa manoeuvred into position and by 0800 UTC had taken the 3 fishermen on board. The fishermen were well but relieved to be rescued form their disabled boat. The Noa then proceeded towards Mayotte Island to land the 3 fishermen.  

At 2200 UTC the fishermen were landed to a French Patrol Boat and the Noa was released to resume her voyage.

Another successful rescue and well done to Captain Lutskov and his crew.