Rescues At Sea

Date 23/11/08
Location North Atlantic
Summary Assistance with a medical evacuation


Millennium Park

On the 22nd of November 2008 while on passage from Al Jubail to New Orleans, the Millennium Park was contacted by the US Coast Guard and requested to assist in the medical evacuation of an Injured crew member from a fishing vessel. 

At 1530 Local time the Millennium Park altered course and proceeded to a rendezvous position with the fishing vessel and another vessel the "Chiquita Scandinavia" which was also proceeding to to assist in the medical evacuation.

At 1843 Local time the Chiquita Scandinavia contacted the Millennium Park and confirmed that the injured fisherman will be picked up by them and taken to the Azores. The Chiquita Scandinavia became the "on scene commander" and asked the Milennium to stand by for any required assistance. 

By 1931 the injured fisherman had been transfered to the Chiquita Scandiniavia and the Milennium Park was released.

Thank you to Capt Kurlowicz and all on board the Millennium Park for their assistance in another succesful rescue at sea.