Rescues At Sea

Date 04/04/09
Location East China Sea
Summary Assistance to Fishing Vessel


Fishing vessel Zhe Xiang Yu 33011

At 23:40Z our managed Cape Size bulk carrier the Kildare (now renamed Guofeng First) was on passage to Singapore from Rizhao when she received a call from CN MRCC to proceed to assist with a distress message that had been received 15 miles from her current position.

The master plotted the distress position, prepared a new passage plan and altered course. While on the way the officers and crew prepared the rescue boat and medical equipment for any casualties. 

On approaching the distress position the lookout reported several chinese fishing vessels in the vicinity including the 'casulalty' the f.v Zhe Xiang Yu 33011 which was at anchor. The Kildare made a slow approach and stopped engines a safe distance away. Weather and sea conditions were good.

A number attempts were made to communicate with the fishing vessel but this was not succesful. After further communication with Tai Zhou MSA the Kildare was released and she proceeded on passage at 03:10Z.