Rescues At Sea

Date 02/11/06
Location Bay of Biscay
Summary 2 Rescued from Yacht


The MSC Napoli
Yacht alongside the MSC Napoli.

At 11:35 GMT on the 2nd November in the Bay of Biscay, the “MSC Napoli” (en route from Belgium to Portugal) received a Mayday relay. The distress message came from the yacht “Malidan”, 20 nautical miles WSW’ly of the MSC Napoli.
The weather conditions were easterly wind (force 8) with severe gusts, a high sea state and a heavy swell. The MSC Napoli altered course towards the Malidan and at 12:15 GMT established radio contact with the yacht.
By 12:55 the MSC Napoli was approaching the yacht, making a lee for her, whilst the starboard pilot ladder was rigged. All crew were standing by.
At 13:25 two yacht crew members embarked the MSC Napoli and the Malidan was abandoned. All ships in the area were informed and Falmouth MRCC contacted.
The two French survivors had suffered minor injuries and were given the spare cabin onboard.
On the following day 03/11/06 the survivors were disembarked at Sines in Portugal when the ship arrived.