Rescues At Sea

Date 31/07/07
Location Boston
Summary Assistance


The Lake Phoenix

On 1st August at 15:00 Lt, the Lake Phoenix received a request from sail/motor yacht “Sea Star”. They called the vessel on VHF ch 16 asking for a weather forecast. The 2/O obliged and read the SMHI report together with the high and low pressure positions from the Boston weather chart onboard.
At 15:10 Lt the captain of the Sea Star requested assistance, stating she was low on fresh water, provisions and diesel fuel oil.
At this point she was 11 nautical miles off the starboard bow, and so at 16:10 Lt, provisions were arranged and the Lake Phoenix approached the yacht. The vessel slowed down as she further approached the yacht to come within a safe distance to lower provisions.
Lake Phoenix placed some bottled mineral water in a heavy duty bag, 180 litres of diesel fuel oil in a drum and some provisions. They lowered these to the yacht and at 17:10 Lt, Sea Star called to inform that all items were onboard and they had started pumping the fuel into their tanks.
The three observed crew thanked the Lake Phoenix “very, very much” for the assistance received.
The captain noted that all crew from deck, engine and galley departments played a part in the assistance.