Rescues At Sea

Date 07/08/07
Location Nakanoseki to Singapore
Summary 13 Men Rescued from a Liferaft


The CSAV Rio Imperial
Life-raft spotted by the lookouts
Life-raft being brought alongside boarding point
The rescued crew of the 'Pailin Maritime'

On 08/08/07, the “CSAV Rio Imperial” was en route from Nakanoseki to Singapore when she received a distress alert.
It advised that the Thailand registered “Pailin Maritime” was sinking and that the crew of 24 (from Myanmar and Indonesia) were abandoning ship. At 09:00 Lt the CSAV Rio Imperial altered course to proceed towards the location of the distress. Telephone contact with Singapore RCC followed and the assistance of the CSAV Rio Imperial was requested.
At 14:30 Lt, 08:30 GMT, the CSAV Rio Imperial began search and rescue operations with the container ship MV Maersk Kendal which had taken the role of On Scene Co-ordinator. She had already found a lifejacket. More ships were expected to arrive soon.
A search was carried out and the CSAV Rio Imperial successfully located a life-raft with 13 survivors.
The Master of the CSAV Rio Imperial manoeuvred his vessel carefully using the wind and drift, bringing the life-raft alongside the pilot boarding station.
A heaving line was thrown to the raft and the raft held in place while all 13 survivors climbed the short distance up the pilot ladder.
The Maersk Kendal continued her search and also found two survivors in another life-raft.
At 19:38 Lt, 11:38GMT, the CSAV Rio Imperial was released from the rescue operations by the on scene co-ordinator (Maersk Kandal). Singapore RCC was informed.
First aid was provided for all the survivors onboard by the second mate, but all the survivors were in good condition despite having spent 18 hours in the life-raft.
The CSAV Rio Imperial resumed her voyage to Singapore with the survivors onboard. With the assistance of the owners P&I Correspondents in Singapore arrangements were made with the Pailin Maritime's owners and P&I representatives and assistance was provided including travel documents by the Embassies.
The CSAV Rio Imperial arrived in Singapore on 10/08/07 and the survivors left the ship at 19:15 together with all the local authorities.