Rescues At Sea

Date 01/10/08
Location South China Sea
Summary Assistance provided after fishing vessel capsizes


Zim Shenzhen

At 12:10 Local time on the 1st October 2008 the OOW of the Zim Shenzhen received a distress relay call from Xiamen VTS. The casualty was a fishing vessel that was about 4 miles away.

The Master was called to the bridge and a course plotted to the distress postion. The distress relay was answered and the Zim Shenzhen proceeded to the reported location of the distress. The main engine was put on stand by and revs reduced to manouvering speed. Additional lookouts were called and the emergency rescue boat crew were mustered and prepared.

At 12:20 a capsized fishing was sighted by the lokouts at a range of about 2 miles with an inflatable liferaft close by. There were also two other fishing vessels in close attendance and two more small fishing vessels approaching the scene.

The situaton was reported to Xiamen VTS, who soon reported that the Zim Shenzhen could stand down as no further assistance was required.

At 12:30 Local time the Zim Shenzhen altered course and resumed passage.

Our thanks and appreciation go to Captain Yakovlev and his officers and crew for the proffesional assistance provided and the good seamanship exhibited.