Zodiac Maritime

Rescues At Sea

Between July 2006 and August 2007, 21 Zodiac managed vessels were involved in 20 rescue operations.

The following reports are a great credit to those involved, Zodiac as a whole and to all onboard, proving that training and preparedness really does pay. The reports describe some excellent seamanship and great teamwork. We are proud of the crews of our ships and what they have done to help save lives.

Vessel Rescue Date Details
VENDOME STREET 01/07/13 Assist in a Search for a Man overboard
MSC MESSINA 23/06/12 Rescue of man overboard
GREEN PARK 20/02/12 Assistance to a fishing vessel on fire
HYUNDAI NO. 107 15/09/11 Rescue of a Fisherman
NAGOYA TOWER 18/11/09 Assistance to a yacht in distress
GUOFENG FIRST 04/04/09 Assistance to Fishing Vessel
NOA 13/02/09 Rescue of fishermen off the coast of Madagascar
MILLENNIUM PARK 23/11/08 Assistance with a medical evacuation
BRIGHTON 05/10/08 Assistance to a damaged Yacht
HALIFAX 01/10/08 Assistance provided after fishing vessel capsizes
CAPE KESTREL (2013) 19/09/08 Rescue of a man overboard
NORTHUMBERLAND 31/07/08 Search and rescue for survivors of a capsized boat
CSAV RIO IMPERIAL 07/08/07 13 Men Rescued from a Liferaft
LAKE PHOENIX 31/07/07 Assistance
BAVARIA 17/06/07 Rescue of 9 Crew Members
MSC CATANIA 29/04/07 Stand by to assist a man overboard rescue
ST JAMES PARK 11/12/06 Yacht Rescued
MSC NAPOLI 02/11/06 2 Rescued from Yacht
SNOWDON 28/10/06 131 Rescued from Boat
DARWIN 24/07/06 4 Rescued from Yacht Struck by Whale