Zodiac Maritime

Health & Safety Management

At Zodiac Maritime we started work on implementing a quality management system in 1993, completing certification to what was then the ISO 9002 Standard in 1994. The company was then in a good position to begin working on the early implementation of the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code).

In July 1996 we received the Document of Compliance for the office-based activities, which was two years ahead of the phase 1 implementation date, and then completed certification for all the managed vessels before the phase 1 due date which was July 1998.

We have been able to achieve continual improvements across a range of safety management performance indicators by the effective use of management systems such as the voluntary standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001) as well as the mandatory Codes for ISM and ISPS and the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.

A copy of our Management System certificate can be found here.

Zodiac Maritime Ltd is pleased to work in partnership with several of our major customers on a range of safety programmes and initiatives.

Safety Performance

The health and safety of everyone that works on board our managed vessels is very important to us. We focus our attention on the elements that contribute to a safe working environment in order to minimise the risks to all those on board our vessels.

We monitor our safety performance by using internationally accepted definitions for work related injuries and we measure these in relation to man-hours exposure. The internationally accepted standards for marine accident and injury reporting that we use are the OCIMF Marine Injury Reporting Guidelines.

Because we use the internationally accepted OCIMF definitions for all our accident and injury reporting we are able to monitor trends and benchmark our performance with other ship owners and ship managers all over the world. This helps us to focus our safety initiatives and prioritise our efforts to achieve the safety performance standards that we want.

We benchmark our safety performance with many ship owners and managers and compare our results on a like for like basis within the different types of ships that we manage.

Vessels under the management of Zodiac Maritime continue to produce good results during the many Port State Control inspections that are carried out on board our managed fleet.

More details of our HSE performance can be found in our latest Health, Safety and Environment Report.