Energy Efficiency

Zodiac actively engages in the efficient use and conservation of energy in all our activities. Our Energy Management System has been certified to the ISO 50001 standard since 2015. The standard applies to both the managed fleet and our onshore operations.

Efficiency across the fleet is enhanced through our vessel performance monitoring system, which provides comprehensive performance analysis, enabling early detection of opportunities to improve efficiency.

Vessels' efficiency is monitored by assessing the hull, propeller and engine condition through several key performance indicators (KPIs), thus allowing us to determine the need for early corrective actions.

Significant investments are being made onboard Zodiac-managed vessels, including high-performance, ultra-low friction coatings, propeller boss cap fins (PBCF), pre-swirl stators, thrust fins and retrofitting of vessels with pre-propeller ducts and semi-ducts. Such initiatives have shown to result in power-savings in a range from 4.5% to 7.0%. We constantly explore and trial new measures to continue improving the efficiency of our vessels in line with IMO emissions reduction goals.

Strict compliance with energy efficiency rules on an international and regional level is part of Zodiac’s commitment. We actively monitor and assess the effect of existing and forthcoming efficiency regulation to anticipate any potential impacts on the managed fleet and prepare for the changes well ahead of time.