Environmental Impact

Many activities undertaken during day-to-day ship operations have the potential to cause damage to the environment. Accidents can happen and pollution may occur. Through the use of operational manuals, standards, internal audits and inspections and, best practise methods, we can do our best to prevent pollution and to preserve the global environment.

Zodiac has identified the potential environmental impacts that can result from principle ship operation functions. These impacts have been identified under four categories:

  • Consumption of resources (includes fuel consumption)
  • Emissions to air (includes production sulphur dioxide SO2, nitrogen oxides NOx, carbon dioxide CO2 as well as particulates (PMs) and CFCs)
  • Discharges to water (includes oil pollution or liquid cargo spills, contaminated ballast water, leaching from anti-fouling paints)
  • Production of waste (including grey and black water, garbage, hazardous waste, and non-recyclable materials from ship dismantling)

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