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Shipping is a major contributor to economic growth. Around 90% of the goods transported around the world are carried by sea. In terms of CO2 emissions, studies have shown that by volume of goods carried, shipping is already the most efficient form of transport - but we recognise that there is always more that could be done to reduce our vessels' impacts on the environment.

(Material from the IMO publication "IMO 2nd Study on GHG 2009" is reproduced with the permission of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which does not accept responsibility for the correctness of the material as reproduced: in case of doubt, IMO's authentic text shall prevail).


Our aim is to provide high quality services to our customers, having the minimum impact to the environment. Through the implementation of a robust environmental management system, strict compliance with regulatory requirements and adoption of further initiatives, Zodiac Maritime aims to be recognised for its environmentally friendly ships and management.

We focus on three core objectives which we believe are critical to improving our environmental performance:

  • Reducing emissions to air of CO2, SOx, NOx, CFCs and PMs
  • Reducing fuel consumption, and improving energy efficiency
  • Improving and maintaining effective pollution prevention systems

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