Environmental Management

We were first certified with ISO 14001 in 2001 - we were one of the first ship management companies to implement it, and since then we have passed our annual audits by Lloyd's Register to maintain our certification.

The ISO 14001 certification is an ongoing management planning tool for implementing environmental management procedures. Based on the principles plan - implement - monitor - evaluate - plan, it promotes ongoing improvement through continuous monitoring and evaluation.

Every year a sample of our ships are audited - as well as our central ISO 14001 Environmental Management Plan. Any non-conformities are promptly reported to Zodiac's management and resolved as quickly as possible. We keep records and regularly update the fleet on environmental and safety issues. Environmental Management Plans and Safety Procedures manuals are updated and resent to all ships on a quarterly basis so they are always up to date.

We are also implementing SEEMP onto our vessels. By highlighting the locations and activities on the ships where energy can be saved, the ships burn less fuel. Lower fuel consumption not only reduces cost, but also reduces our demand on resources and reduces emissions.